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D Sxpro. HarthogPoisonhorn yes Great Customers services Sxpro. Xenoeth Kryll Fastest support ever had! Get notified when new coupons or discount are released at the stores you love: Subscribe to Coupons. Like it or not, internet sales are a rapidly increasing market, and Rutland Cycling are seemingly not holding back in their approach and quality of service. Having said that, the bike models directly below and above this version, look very nice. The first thing of note for me, was the weight when lifting out of the box.

No spec weight is available, but from my possibly inaccurate digital scale, it weighed in at The second thing of note, was the conventional drive sprocket size, how I have missed that. The build quality and finish of the bike is superb, and nothing immediately sprang to mind as a must change item. The bike arrived in a fully charged condition, so after straightening the handlebars, setting the saddle height and suspension, checking tyre pressures, fitting the pedals and completing a general bike safety check, it was time for the first ride.

I do this to gauge how the bike might generally be expected to perform over a given distance and elevation gain. Turning the bike on and thumbing up through the power settings was easy enough at a standstill, so I headed off. Noise of the Yamaha drive unit was the first thing to strike me, and I spent the whole ride thinking that it was louder than the Bosch CX unit that I have become so familiar with. To me, the Yamaha produces a deeper tone, whilst the Bosch a higher tone.

This to me felt far more pronounced than on the Bosch system. I have become used to Sadly, the frame size was slightly too small for me, and whilst I had zero discomfort from my upper body, my knees did complain from having to set the saddle height approximately 40mm lower than I would have liked. It is quite amazing how much difference that saddle height makes to bike comfort.

The ride also took in Kidds Hill, which is in the Strava top climbs, and whilst it felt slow to me during the climb, it actually turned out to be my second fastest climbing time, oddly only bettered by the hub drive BH. That was a genuine surprise to me, and whilst we are only talking seconds between any of the bikes that have ridden up there, the Yamaha definitely felt the slowest.

Something has to be right when you feel like that. The conditions for the ride were very wet, and adversely windy. Ride two was far more interesting and consisted of a mile ride on the South Downs. Sadly, I have no ride stats, as the ride formed part of a longer ride utilising a second bike. Thankfully, the ground was pretty much frozen solid for the most part of the ride, so riding through thick muddy conditions, was pretty limited. Despite the discomfort of having the seat post set too low, I was really impressed by everything about the bike.

The first observation was just how well suited to the bike, that the 2. This was my first experience of using a 2. I should add at this point, that chainstay clearance is quite tight and limited, which could present an issue when conditions turn bad. If you include the off position, the bike has six modes. For the road ride, I had thought what the point of all of these settings was, but riding off road, the settings made a lot of sense and I never once found the need to switch to the highest power mode.

I did find myself flicking through modes quite frequently though, which is an observation that I also heard just this week on the EMBN YouTube channel. Overall, I was more than happy with each of the power settings, tour particularly, was great to use. The display unit was also very clear and unobtrusive.

Another surprise in respect of the display console, was seeing that it also had a cadence meter. The motor did seem to over-run slightly on pedal strokes, but that is an aspect that I quite like. It can make a difference when crossing puddles, or sections of terrain where you might not otherwise be able to get a full pedal stroke in. It reminded me of rear hub drive.

The front end was effortlessly easy to lift whilst negotiating steps in climbs or for getting across rooted sections.

KTM 50 SX Pro Junior 01 50cc Complete Full Gasket Set

The rear end felt heavy, but this I suspect was more down to the fact that I have spent so much time riding a Hardtail EMTB , which is just so light by comparison. Downhill sections were a real blast of fun, and the relationship between the seating position and the handlebars worked so well for me. I enjoyed every second of the ride. The cable operated dropper post also worked with ease, but I would have preferred the control lever to have been mounted on the left-hand side of the handlebar.

I wanted to compare how the battery consumption stacked up against the battery as fitted to the Bosch CX. Both being of similar spec, this was going to be the interesting test. The reason being that he would never have got on the KTM! He weighs 68kg, I weigh 75kg, he is one year younger, and also physically fitter than me. The ride conditions were as to be expected - exceedingly muddy and exceedingly wet. A shockingly poor range from both manufacturers.

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The Giant was also suffering very badly from chain suck, with the bike coming to an abrupt stop seemingly as soon as it got moving. The test was looking doomed already, and we still had 12 miles to go! The decision was made to ride in the Eco setting on the Yamaha drive unit, and Tour on the Bosch drive unit. Thankfully, the drop-in power setting eliminated almost all of the chain suck issue that the Giant had been suffering, but problems were far from over, when I fell from the KTM and bent the rear mech hanger.

KTM 50 SX Pro Junior 01 50cc Complete Full Gasket Set | eBay

The ride consisted of some very short sharp climbs, that required a low gear ratio, especially now that the power settings were reduced, but it was the low range that was causing an issue, and the bike was having none of it. For each of these climbs, I had to switch to tour or eMTB mode, and use a higher gear than the conditions and terrain required. The battery level on the Bosch powered bike, was suddenly looking very questionable. The ride continued with the bikes skidding and sliding everywhere, and sure enough at the The test was now well and truly over!

The oddest thing of all, was just how muddy that the Giant was when compared to the KTM.

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I really have no answer to that one, but the KTM certainly returned from the ride pretty mud free. Quite a failing in test terms, but still good to be out! Wheels removed, cassette removed and cleaned, bake discs and pads cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, chain removed, cleaned and re-lubed, dielectric grease applied to battery contacts, anti-seize compound added to seat post and Fork Juice applied, forks and rear shock thoroughly cleaned and Fork Juice applied, everything else thoroughly cleaned and checked with ACF50 applied to exposed threads.

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I love bike maintenance and cleaning, as much as I do riding. One final point in relation to the battery that I would like to make, is how I really rate the battery lock on this bike. I have found that the Bosch lock requires frequent maintenance in order to keep it functioning and operating smoothly.